Inspiring Travellers wants to inspire you to travel

Or at least to see the world! This is not just a blog for travellers. I want to inspire my readers, whether they’ve visited dozens of countries or barely make it to the next town once a year. I believe that people should have access to the world beyond their doorsteps. Hopefully the blogs will get you thinking differently about what you’re working on at the moment, inspire you to take a trip or at the very least, entertain.

Flying on the skywalk in the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai.

Flying on the skywalk in the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai.

HI, I’m Geert, a Flashpacker from Belgium who’s always on the lookout for his next adventure , seeking out the best experiences each destination has to offer.

This blog features content in three main categories:

  • Interviews that tell other travellers’ stories. One of our favourite aspects of travel are all the interesting people we meet on the road. Even when we are only on a short trip, we make an effort to speak to people and let their projects inspire us.
  • The Gulps and Gobbles section, brings you foodie finds from around the globe. I love food and checking out the local cuisine is always a factor in my travel budget. We also regularly feature wine and craft beer reviews.

I’d love to meet travellers from all over through this project and introduce other people so please follow on Twitter, become a fan of the Facebook page, comment on our blog, send me your recommendations or link to Inspiring Travellers from your own blog.

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From 2010 until september 2014 this blog was the travelogue of Andrea and John
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