Inspiring Travellers reaches a target audience of educated travellers and expats who are passionate about global destinations. This website is regularly ranked within the lists of ‘Top 50’ and ‘Top 100’ travel blogs and has been featured on the sites of popular travel communities like

The blog features content in three main categories:

  • A travelogue of my own travel adventures and also guest posts from other travelling writers.
  • Interviews that tell other travellers’ stories. One of the favourite aspects of travel are all the interesting people you meet on the road.
  • The Gulps and Gobbles section, brings you foodie finds from around the globe. I love food and checking out the local cuisine is always a factor in my travel budget. We also regularly feature wine and craft beer reviews.

My own travel style: Adventurous


  • Reach an affluent, engaged audience: 38% of readers surveyed have incomes over US$70,000 (73% over US$25,000); 70% have at least a University degree (44% have a Masters)
  • Social Media Marketing: Our readers are active on Facebook (98%), Twitter (91%), Pinterest (65%) and Instagram …and so is Inspiring Travellers. The site receives over 12,000 Unique Visitors and over 22,000 pageviews per month from 170+ countries with over 30,000+ social media followers worldwide.
  • The internet is the leading tool for researching, planning and booking travel, so Inspiring Travellers is right there to meet these consumers. The site is optimized for mobile browsing, a high-growth medium.
  • Reach buyers who are ready to purchase: Of readers surveyed, 72% are currently planning a leisure trip. Most of them travel two to six times a year for leisure and 35% travel up to three times a year for business.


The following are suggested ways of working together:

  • Press & Social Media Trips, fitting with the editorial themes of the website
  • Contests, giveaways and featured articles about select products & services
  • Sponsored Posts & Product Reviews
  • Banner advertising
  • Brand ambassadorship

Contact for rates and guidelines: [email protected]

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