Tasting Vienna at the Outdoor Film Festival

It's free and easy to get into the culture of musical Vienna in July and August. Just head to the Rathausplatz before dusk and get amongst the crowds gathered to watch music, opera and dance films on a giant screen. The atmosphere is excellent but what we really loved was the international food festival presented by restaurants around the city. After our start at the beer stand (of course!) we perused the offerings...

frying doughnuts vienna

middle eastern food vienna

Most of the food was international rather than traditional Viennese, like these tasty Middle Eastern dishes.

vietnamese food vienna

vietnamese spring rolls

My yummy Vietnamese spring rolls

A variety of alcoholic beverages were on offer, from margaritas to sangria to various punch bowls (contents unknown).

punch bowl austria vienna

beer film festival vienna

We headed back to the beer kiosk instead for tasty draught beer - so delicious in Austria!

stir fry chef

Two stands did have dishes from Vienna...this is my favourite: Käsespätzle - no surprise as it's Austria's answer to macaroni and cheese.

viennese sausagesThe food was pretty reasonably priced considering it's a festival. Afterwards we took our plates to the chairs and grandstands for the main event.

vienna film festival 2011

A beautiful setting in front of the Rathaus

This year's film festival runs from 2 July through 4 September. Information and a program of the annual festival is available during summer at the Vienna events page.

Have you been to any great food festivals this summer? What did you eat?

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11 years ago

Ah! I was here as well actually! It’s awesome and we stumbled on it by accident a couple years ago 🙂 Ate til I couldn’t eat anymore!

Reply to  Tonya

I wish we’d tried more dishes – loved this! =)

11 years ago

Like film festivals in foreign locations are cool enough, you add in all that wonderful food and drink! I’d like to try Käsespätzle– looks delicious.

Reply to  Cathy Sweeney

You must try it – a friend in New York first made it for some friends and me several years ago and I’ve had it in German restaurants but never as good as this!

If I hadn’t already started with beer I was game to try it too!

11 years ago

We are DYING for some vietnamese food.  Hopefully we find some in Belgium.  And what a beautiful backdrop for an outdoor film fest.

Reply to  Peter Heck

We’re in Croatia at the moment and there is no food variety whatsoever…you should find some international food in Belgium…at least in Brussels. I’ve only ever been to Antwerp and Bruges…can’t remember there being too much variety but it was ages ago. You’ll certainly get your fill of chocolate, though! =)

11 years ago

No food or film festivals for me this year. Just horse parades and rodeos 🙂

Sounds like fun to me! =)

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