We can hardly believe that we've done 400 posts on this site. We've had an amazing ride so far and continue to enjoy bringing you travel stories and photography from around the world. So hard to believe that what started as a simple project to document some interesting stories from different travellers has turned into an almost four year chronicle of our around the world adventures.

waiheke island

In Waiheke Island, New Zealand :: December 2010

We thank every one of our readers, family members and friends for supporting us along the way!

Since January 2011 we've been posting every three to four days without fail. So on this anniversary we've decided to treat ourselves to a little break. Just a few weeks off, nothing drastic. John is working full time at the moment and Andrea has a new health site that is taking up quite a bit of time. We have lots of exciting things planned for 2014 on Inspiring Travellers and really want to gear up for it.

We'll be back in early November. Until then, Happy Travels!

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8 years ago

Awesome news! Really impressive. I should probably count how many i’ve done myself, but I know 400 is definitely a great amount. It’s already great to have this chronicle to look back upon..

8 years ago

Congrats! It is inspiring to read your entries. I look forward to your return. Have a great time off!

8 years ago

Congrats on 400 posts, that’s awesome! I hope you enjoyed your break, we all need that every so often.

8 years ago

Congrats on #400! I’m amazed you have stuck to that schedule. I’m down to once a week and have no idea how I used to do 3!

8 years ago

Congrats! And hope to read soon your nr. 1000 post! 😛

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