Art In Redlight #8

It’s always wonderful to check out art in the Netherlands. The eighth installment of Amsterdam’s Art in Redlight independent art fair was held 20-23 September in the Oude Kerk (Old Church). Over 280 works from 54 artists and designers were on display and the focus in this edition was on applied art. We observed some really interesting pieces during our exploration of the exhibition…what do you think?

art in redlight midas zwaan

Luggage art in the foreground by Midas Zwaan.

art in redlight 8

‘War in Java’ by renowned Indonesian artist Jompet Kuswidananto. His work “consistently questions the relationship between oneself and the other in a society that is undergoing social, cultural and technological transformations.”

leather jacket head

jesus on a tricycle art in redlight 8

art in redlight oude kerk

lucky touch art in redlight 8

katerina belkina visual artist

Pictures by visual artist Katerina Belkina.

art in redlight 8 amsterdam september 2012

Dwight Marica art in redlight

‘Untitled’ mixed media installation by Dwight Marica. His artistic “point of departure is the quest for freedom.”

What is your favourite piece?

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