Guest Post: Ways To Treat Your Loved Ones When You’re Still On the Road

Lucky you – you are off travelling the world, seeing spectacular things on a daily basis, having interactions with people that many others can only dream about and no doubt making memories that will last you a lifetime. Have you stopped for a second to consider those back home – how much they must miss you? Although a postcard or a chirpy email is all very well, how about sending them something that really says “wish you were here” rather than a hastily scrawled postcard. Whether it’s personalised calendars or a carefully selected print, there are a multitude of great gifts you can send loved ones from the road…

Personalised calendars

How about combining pictures of you in various exotic destinations with pictures of you and your loved one together? Personalised calendars are a great gift idea and gives them something to look forward to each month. This can be easily put together from the relative-comfort of an internet café wherever you happen to be and will no doubt bring joy to that loved one who you miss, and who misses you so much.


Photo by eagle1effi from Flickr.


Another option which will undoubtedly prove a hit with any of your friends who pride themselves on being organised would be a personalised diary. This way, as well as beginning a countdown to the day you return on the calendar page, they can schedule in meetings, jot down notes and important dates whilst seeing your smiling mug every other page!

Iphone/ipad case

If they haven’t got one of these, then they must surely be about to get one! So that they can carry you around with them everywhere, nestled safely inside their handbag, why not produce one of these good value and easy to make, phone or tablet cases which will be a funny way of reminding you how very much you are missing them too. As prices aren’t too steep – you can always treat yourself to one too.

Something for the house

Whilst in their head they might not like the idea of your photo on a cushion, a placemat or a coasters, in reality, it’s a humourous present that you can pretty much guarantee no-one else would have gotten them. If you don’t think that your inane grin will go down well, you could always opt for a pretty picture. That way whenever that loved one is resting their hot drinking safely on the table whilst they enjoy a relaxing drink, their thoughts can wander on to where in the world you are and what on earth you are doing at exactly that moment.

Bio: Amy Baker is a London-based writer with a passion for travel. She writes advice for people who want to get away from it all and contributes to a number of travel websites and magazines. 

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