texas junk houston

Texas Junk

Tucked away on a quiet street in the Fourth Ward is a constantly evolving collection of treasures.

texas junk exterior

texas junk houston exterior

texas junk houston

I had a chance to chat with the charismatic proprietor of Texas Junk, Bob Novotney. He has been in Houston since the 1960s and has set up an outpost for, well, junk. From vintage to vinyl, this quirky shop is certainly worth a look.

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bob novotney

texas junk houston fourth ward

Wander among picture frames, odds and ends, old letters, coffee mugs, used clothing and, of course, cowboy boots by the hundreds. This is literally a junk store yet so much fun to poke around in. Every corner brought new things to ponder over, from a framed photo by the artist who shot The Doors for Morrison Hotel (not for sale, I asked) to stacks of used travel guides and coffee table books.Morrison hotel photo

records texas junk

records texas junk houston

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The wide selection of cowboy boots and Texan-inspired clothing is really impressive. If you're after a pair of awesome boots then this is the place to visit.

boots texas junk houston

texas cowboy boots

photo on wall texas junk

nuts and bolts texas junk

texas junk emporium

million cats reel

bob novotney

Texas Junk accepts cash or checks only and be sure to call or check the Facebook page for opening hours as it is not open every day (usually weekends). Located at 215 Welch; phone number 713-524-6257.

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9 years ago

Where does he get all his stuff? I’ve been watching this show on A&E called Storage Wars where people buy abandoned storage units. They sometimes find some pretty cool stuff – just like I imagine you would in this shop!

9 years ago
Reply to  Heather

I think he travels around and finds stuff – often on his Facebook page there will be photos and messages saying “I’m here and got this or that”. That reality show sounds pretty interesting – I always enjoyed Antiques Roadshow. Pawn Stars is pretty good too, though a little different.

9 years ago

I looove places like that. Berlin has got a lot of shops like that (minus the cowboy boots maybe), and I could spend all day looking for treasures.

9 years ago
Reply to  TammyOnTheMove

We have a few of these kinds of stores (well, this one is the most “junky” the others are more retro/antiques) in Houston. Good fun!

9 years ago

WOW!! I would absolutely love to go treasure-hunting here. 🙂

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