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If you’re looking to start your own blog or you already have one and find the technical aspects of it to be frustrating, a good foundation in how the World Wide Web works will be helpful to you in your journey. When we started this blog back in 2010, I was lucky to have a bit of background for the technical side of things from my masters degree coursework in online media. It has only been over the course of the last couple of years, however, that I’ve expanded my practical knowledge in this area and am now starting to feel completely comfortable being the technical advisor for our website.

So today I want to share with you a new book written by a friend of ours, Andrew Couch (GroundedTraveler.com), who is a programmer with over a decade of online experience. Web Foundations For the Non-Geek provides excellent advice for bloggers and other web practitioners who are looking to make changes to their websites without hiring a developer, to understand the technical side of things a bit better and to have more background information before hiring designers and developers.

I love this book because it’s written in a way that anyone can understand. You’ll get started with a basic explanation of web browsers, HTML, CSS and other internet elements and learn how all of these work together to show your audience what they see on the computer screen. Included in this, of course, is an explanation of URLs, paths and directories, hosts, domain registrars, DNS and more.

Speed is a crucial issue for most bloggers, so the book also includes everything you need to know about images and working with them and also caches, including the different types and how they affect your visitor’s experience. Both elements are very important for page loading speed.

Finally, the book provides a really good discussion of HTML and CSS basics, which is crucial for someone who wants to look at the code that makes up a page and make minor changes or diagnose problems. You’ll want to be well-versed in this language when hiring a designer or developer to work on your website.

I believe it’s essential for those who want to work online to understand all of the basics covered in this book. You’ll not only feel more confident when working on your own blog, you’ll also have the foundations you need to understand what’s going on when you see an error message and how to effectively communicate with professionals like web developers, technicians and designers.

We’ve got a special offer on this book just for readers of Inspiring Travellers, $4 off the regular price of $18, so you pay just US$14. Just use code INSP0612 at checkout! This is a fantastic offer. If this book saves you even half an hour of developer time, it will pay for itself.

Get the book!

If you have any questions about the book or the offer, please leave them in the comments below and Andy will be happy to answer them.

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