Gladmat 2012 vossakjot

Happy Food At the 2012 Gladmat Festival

It's a rare day that we get the duo of a lively event in Stavanger coupled with beautiful weather. Usually when I go into town for a meeting or appointment the city looks a bit dead. We've had an influx of summer tourists lately, but not since the 17th of May celebrations have I seen the city look like this:

Stavanger harbour Gladmat 2012

Everyone is gathered for the 2012 Gladmat festival this week. Billed as Scandinavia's biggest food festival, Gladmat offers a variety of events over several days. We headed down to the harbour one afternoon to check out the food tents.

Gladmat 2012 Stavanger

Gladmat 2012 smak

Gladmat 2012 Stavanger seafood

Gladmat 2012 Stavanger

Did I mention that Stavanger is cruise ship central in summer? Needless to say, the harbour was mobbed!

Gladmat 2012 crowds Stavanger

Gladmat 2012 grill

Gladmat 2012 caricature

Gladmat 2012 sukker

Gladmat 2012 chefs

We followed these couples' leads and found a spot on one of the ship restaurants docked next to the action.

Gladmat 2012 Lervig

Gladmat 2012 burgers

Gladmat 2012 meal

Gladmat 2012 vossakjot

Gladmat 2012 pretty watermelon art

The Gladmat Food Festival takes place at the end of July every year in Stavanger. It is one of many summer festivals in Rogaland.

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11 years ago

This looks delightful! I love food festivals – especially in other parts of the world.

11 years ago
Reply to  Sabina

Me too, Sabina – always feel lucky when we stumble upon one!

mmmmm yum! I love food festivals!

11 years ago

Gotta love a good food festival! The picture of the watermelon at the end is incredible! Thanks for sharing.

11 years ago

Isn’t it pretty? I’d love to know how to carve one like that, Thai-style

11 years ago

Looks like a wonderful day and very happy participants!!

11 years ago

Most definitely – everyone seemed in excellent spirits! (as is always the case in Norway when the sun is shining)

11 years ago

I read about this and was sorry that we were visiting in a couple weeks and not now….mmmmmm…making mouth water. Glad to hear that you guys are getting away for the weekend (from what I can tell, you have had your noses to the grindstone since you moved to Norway…you deserve a break!)

11 years ago
Reply to  Shanna Schultz

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of nice food on the cruise, haha. My first thought when I saw all the cruisers at the food festival was, ‘How can they possibly be hungry for this?’ At least that has always been my experience of cruises – so much food! =)

I finally launched my new business today so I have earned a relaxing weekend 😉

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