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Summer Nights in Norway

by Andrea on June 9, 2012

614156 Summer Nights in Norway Summer Nights in Norway

It’s kind of cruelly ironic that the daylight hours are so long in the Scandinavian summer while the weather leaves so much to be desired for this time of year. In just a few days the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun will officially begin in the Arctic Circle. And while we’re not quite that far north, we’re still feeling the effects of perpetual sunlight.

norway night1 Summer Nights in NorwayThis is what it looks like around midnight at our house. We get up between 5.30 and 6am every day to keep up with the earlybird working hours here in Norway. If we stir around 4-4.30am, this is what it looks like outside again. It’s not quite the midnight sun but it’s taking some getting used to all the same.

norway night2 Summer Nights in NorwayWe find we’re getting less sleep than usual. I try to use a sleep mask but if I get up in the early morning and see daylight, that’s it for me – I’m awake. Even with the blinds drawn we still have sun creeping in around them…might be time to invest in some blackout curtains! I think winter will be even more interesting, with the shorter daylight hours.

norway night3 Summer Nights in Norway

Midnight in the Stavanger suburbs in summer.

Have you ever travelled to the Arctic Circle in summer to see the Midnight Sun? I would love to see your photos…

614156 Summer Nights in Norway Summer Nights in Norway

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