Lawrence's Spring Wadi Rum Jordan

Jordan's Natural Wonders: Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea

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While the man-made treasures of Petra and Jerash showcase the architectural talents of Jordan's ancient inhabitants, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea are wonders of the earth. We first explored Wadi Rum by jeep.

Lawrence's Spring Wadi Rum Jordan

Lawrence's Spring at Wadi Rum

This is the land of Lawrence of Arabia, a vast desert that visitors could take days to explore. Tall granite and sandstone mountains dominate the landscape, while local Bedouins still populate the region.

camel trek wadi rum jordanI long to return one day and take a full-day camel trek through the area, in particular to see more sand dunes, canyons and what must be a perfect desert sunset.

wadi rum desert jordansand dune wadi rum jordancamels wadi rumWe enjoyed checking out the ancient carvings at Khazali Canyon as well, indicating happy people and welcoming intentions.

wadi rum canyon jordancarvings wadi rum jordanMuch further north a wonder of a completely different kind awaited us. At 423 metres below sea level, The Dead Sea has the lowest elevation on the planet. Just 55 km southeast of Amman it's possible to bathe in water containing over 35 types of minerals, including calcium, iodine, magnesium, potassium and sulphur. The black mud from the beach is also rich in minerals.

black sea mud

Fellow bathers covered in Dead Sea mud before taking the plunge.

The Dead Sea has been known throughout time for its healing properties, especially for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis as well as other ailments like arthritis. As we waded in, the water felt silky and we were instantly aware of our buoyancy. The high salt content makes it very easy to float. Of course, the same high salt content also means that nothing can live here, hence the name. Drinking just one litre of the water will kill a man! So visitors should enjoy the wonderful natural quality of the water but take care not to submerge their heads, swallow the water or splash it into their eyes.

floating dead sea

John enjoys a relaxing float on the Dead Sea.

The air at the Dead Sea is also very high in oxygen content and the atmospheric pressure is high enough that it provides a natural filter against the sun’s burning UV rays. Events like the Dead Sea Marathon take advantage of these conditions.

salt rocks dead sea

Salt build-up on the rocks on the shores of the Dead Sea.

This was our last stop on our tour of Jordan. We would like to say a special thanks to our guide, Raed, and our drivers, George and Rami for making our experience so very special. If you're looking for an excellent guide for your visit to the country, which we highly recommend, contact us and we'll introduce you.

Our trip to Jordan was sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board.

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11 years ago

Dead sea is one the most fascinating water body… I am getting tempted to dive in…nice post…

Reply to  vishnu kumar

Haha, whatever you do, don’t dive!! You can’t put your head under at all – that salt burns the eyes… =)

11 years ago

I want to float in the dead sea!!!  i can be a bob! 🙂

Reply to  jenjenk

So much fun!!

11 years ago

That looks so amazing and relaxing! So jealous!

Reply to  Jade

It was! Wish we had more time there… =)

11 years ago

Isn’t the Wadi Rum fantastic?! We slept under the stars at a bedouin camp and couldn’t believe how many stars their were.

Reply to  Cam

We definitely needed more time there. Sleeping out under the stars?? What an amazing experience that would have been – jealous!! =)

11 years ago

I really can’t quite imagine what it feels like to just float in the water without effort like that. Clearly I need to go experience it for myself to believe it! The lack of sun burn is a definite plus too.

Reply to  emilyinchile

I certainly is! Wish we could get some of that protection on some other beaches =)

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