sandnes kommune

A Brief Afternoon in Sandnes, Norway

We've been trying to explore our new surroundings in Stavanger as much as possible these first couple of weeks in Norway. We were very excited to sign a lease on a house this week as the market in the area is very tight at the moment. Our new home is about halfway between Stavanger and the next town over, Sandnes.

sandnes marina

sandnes kommune

It was a busy week for us so by the time we got up and out the door most of the shops were closing - most shut by late afternoon on Saturdays and nothing is open on Sundays here. So perhaps that explains why Sandnes was looking a little dead when we arrived. It's smaller than Stavanger and I'm not sure what we were expecting but we found very little to do but walk around and have a look.

Sandnes kommune

An interesting covered hang-out area on the main shopping drag in Sandnes.

sandnessandnes kulturhus

Located just 12 kilometres from Stavanger, Sandnes seems like more of a shopping outpost for local residents who don't want to go into the larger city for their errands. The main shopping streets have plenty to keep people busy for an afternoon and there is also an indoor shopping centre and movie theatre. Sandnes is called Norway's 'bicycle city' and apparently these can be hired at no cost from the tourist information office for use on the many bike paths around town.

sandnes churchsandnes montmartre passagesandnes montmartre passage

Other than that, we didn't really find much to entertain ourselves in Sandnes. The city seems to have more affordable accommodation options for visitors to Stavanger, however, as we noticed that it has a hostel and some inns. For us the most beneficial part of the journey was our experience using the local train for the first time. We noticed paths along the water between the two cities and were finally able to see a bit more of our surrounds just outside town.

sandnes shipssandnes norge mallard

Getting there: Trains depart frequently from Stavanger train station for Sandnes. A return journey costs NOK 88 (€11,60).

Have you been to Sandnes, Norway? What are we missing?


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11 years ago

I want to hang out in that interesting building! Looks so cool. And nice to see you’re discovering more of your new surroundings. =)

11 years ago
Reply to  cheryl

I think it’s apartments but not sure…looks like something from Berlin, doesn’t it? =)

11 years ago

I love that the tourist office provides free bikes. It sounds like a nice place to visit for an afternoon, but that you made the right choice by choosing to live closer to Stavanger.

11 years ago
Reply to  Laurel

Me too! I want to go down there and hire one for an afternoon one day =)

11 years ago

One more location for our summer trip to Norway. I am so excited, I can hardly wait to get there.

11 years ago
Reply to  Laura

How wonderful that you’re coming for a trip – you’ll love it!

11 years ago

Don’t know Sandnes too well, I’m afraid. Only ever driven through and stopped at the shopping centre. The countryside nearby – Jæren – is very pretty though, especially along the coast.

11 years ago
Reply to  Sophie

It’s all very pretty indeed. We actually have determined that we live close to the border between Stavanger and Sandnes on the Stavanger side so we were actually able to walk to that shopping centre (Kvadraat – is that the one you were talking about?) today. We went through a big office park but you could still see beautiful countryside and horses in the hills – lovely! Enjoy the long Easter break =)

11 years ago

Congrats on signing a lease! Saturdays here, late morning to early afternoon, can be pretty busy, especially when there’s good weather. But same here on Sundays, dead, everything’s closed for the most part.

11 years ago
Reply to  Ali

Definitely a European thing! Though I have to say I am beginning to enjoy Sunday truly being a day of rest, with no pressure to go out and do any shopping or errands.

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